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Long Term Investment Strategy: Everything you need to know

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Why Going To Invest For Long Term

 I’m going to be explaining to you the details of exactly why I’m going to be investing a very large amount in one particular cryptocurrency and holding it for the next two to three years no this isn’t a joke

Hype In Different Coins Prices

The price of the coin was four cents now the price of the coin is hovering around 40 cents so for anyone that was on my patreon that’s a simple 10x and for anyone who bought the coin like I did that was an easy 10x and a coin can still definitely go further from here let’s take a look at just some of the others I also talked about bit tensor which is a very different kind of coin but let’s take a look at the price you can see that on the 20th of December it

Were 20 cents and then of course right now it’s around 50 cents, of course, I advise people to sell it around this area which would have been a four to five x there was also another coin called that I also made in December the 20th in 2022 and you can see the price of this coin was eight cents when I actually called it and you can see right now the price is 36 Cents and actually reached a high of 40 cents so there was a clear increase in certain

Pricks of coins the point I’m actually trying to make here is that I don’t always make predictions those of you who are in my group know that I don’t make rash predictions all the time I only make predictions from time to time but when I do have those predictions I tend to go all in resulting in much bigger gains than trading daily so before I talk about exactly which coin I’m about to go all in on let’s take a look at where the market trends are

Google Trending Things

Heading again so if we go on Google Trends you’ll know that there has been a recent trend of octopus intelligence now this is not something that has just come about this has been a worldwide trend for the past I guess you could say a couple of months and if you haven’t been paying attention essentially there are a huge rise of air programs and AI apps such as chat get and many different programs that are going to take off in the future now why is this the case and

Why is this a big deal and why is this not a fan you have to remember we need to make predictions that are very accurate and we can’t make those predictions that are doomed to fill for example the metaverse was one key thing that failed and it was hailed as this big next thing there were huge crypto coins that pumped up about it but it actually did fail and we need to make sure we don’t make this mistake but we’re investing in things that we think

AI The Next Big THING

Are going to be hype But ultimately fail just like the metaverse did so why is artificial intelligence and if we look at this kind of industry much different than any other one so in 2016 the world economic Forum which is essentially a very very big organization that has pretty much the world’s most powerful people in there talked about the fourth Industrial Revolution now if you don’t know what an industrial revolution is it’s essentially a big

The thing that happens and changes the entire world as we know it three have happened before and the fourth one is about to happen right now essentially every time there’s an industrial revolution people get rich this is how billionaires are made due to them making businesses during that time you can see right here we have 734 1817 and 1969 and of course, as you know the most recent was was Electronics I.T and automated production which of course

Changed the world because you’re likely watching this on a or a computer so in the fourth one which is the new one the new Industrial Revolution they are calling for artificial intelligence now remember they predicted this in 2016. so it’s fair to say that these people know exactly what they’re talking about and if you’re familiar with the work of the Economic Forum you’re going to know exactly what I’m talking about when I

Rise Of Chat GPT

Say that these guys are pretty much good at predicting the future you can see right here it says artificial intelligence is all around us from self-driving cars to drones to Virtual assistants and software that can translate or invest and remember this was in 2016 and where we are now is completely different you can even see that with the rise of chat GPT, it only took two months which is literally the fastest software social media platform

Ever to gain that many users and you can see that this is insanely fast than anything we’ve ever seen before even Bill Gates which is someone who made millions and billions through Microsoft has said that the age of AI has begun and he’s even published this short paper where he talks about how this is literally going to change the world so let’s take a look at the coin that I’m talking about are render token now at first you might be like okay this

Render Token

Is it just an 80 rank 88 coin why is this coin gonna be good I’m going to break down exactly all the key reasons as to why I’m going all in on this coin and exactly why I do believe this coin is going to be a pretty much 100x with calculations with math so that you know it’s not just an arbitrary number and I’m going to be explaining to you why this coin could potentially be in 100x based on some numbers that are going to be calculated based on the previous bull

Market the fusible market and the price of the coin and it’s going to use the data that we currently have provided so now that we have the token one of the first things that we need to understand is of course the technical now essentially technical analysis is just pretty much how you predict where a coin is going to go in cryptocurrency it’s something that is very very good at predicting how a coin goes based on the price action and the technicals are very

Price In 2021 Was

Very Paramount to a coin’s success because without it you might not understand where a coin is going to go so what are the technicals for render token talking about and how can we use these to predict the price of the coin and why do I believe it will go up so firstly if we go on the all-time graph for render token you can see that in the past bull market render token reached a price hike of around 7.4 dollars and you can see that this was in 2021 so the price was

Coins Shooting Up

Around seven dollars okay and remember this was during an era where the entire bull market was centred around the metaverse and centred around dog coins now remember the metaverse had barely any working products and these coins were shooting up 50x20x30x remember zero working products dog coins shooting up tremendous amounts additionally to this in the bear markets coins all declined and then the bull markets all altcoins do go up even if

Strategy For Investing

They aren’t part of that major bull market so for example if you take any coin that wasn’t really an insane coin at the time and you go look at the graph you’ll see that if you scroll back to the example for 2021 you’ll see that the price of this coin increased substantially because the entire Market Rises with the price of Bitcoin now if you’re watching this I don’t think it’s too late I’m not telling you you should invest but personally now I don’t

Right Now Where We Are

Think it’s too late because right now we aren’t at the peak of the bull market and we haven’t really entered that phase where altcoins are going to pop off yet that is going to come later than 2023 2024 and even more in 2025 which means that looking at the technicals we can see here that render is going to at least surpass its previous high and I say that based on the fact that not only is this coin now entering an age of AI where it’s going to be needed but based on the

Technicals you can see right here this is a symmetrical triangle and the price of this coin is likely to break to the upside which is going to result in a significant move upwards now this can either happen for two reasons either the coin is going to break out on its own or Bitcoin is going to continue on its trajectory upwards and we’re going to get a nice move up so that’s just one reason now let’s take a look at some of the others now if you don’t know what

This token is and why it’s going to be used worldwide when the AI landscape is continually going to evolve let’s take a look at exactly what this does so the render token essentially distributes GPU rendering on the blockchain so think about it like this when your computer is rendering something or wants to load something that’s really difficult to render essentially this is where this program comes in now this is needed because there are huge companies that

Are trying to render many different things that AI is required if we take a look at this article it says compute power is becoming a bottleneck for developing AI here’s how you clear it so everybody knows what chat CPT is but let’s take a look further down you can see that gpt3 okay uses GPUs and you can see right here that it says processing power is becoming a major barrier limiting how an advanced AI can become better now remember it says Hardware has

How Can Things Get Speed

Already become a bottleneck for AI okay and it says using processes running in parallel is the most common solution to speed things up but it has its limitations okay and we’re going to talk about exactly what that is and exactly how the render token can improve this so if you think about like this we’ve got all these large language models like chat get and many other ones that are there that require GPUs to render stuff but the problem is that they can’t do

It all the time here’s where render token comes in so essentially what this render network does and essentially why this is really cool is think about it like this let’s say you have a computer with a pretty powerful GPU or just a standard GPU and you don’t want to run anything at the moment you can essentially loan out your GPU to have other people render this stuff and this is where you have someone who doesn’t use their computer render stuff where

AI Demand

People might want to use their computer now of course with the age of AI this demand is going to increase 10 fold maybe 10x fold maybe 100 fold it’s definitely going to be a large increase which is why this service is going to be in much more demand so essentially all you need to do is connect your graphics card to the render Network then essentially you just receive money for completing certain jobs in the render token it’s essentially kind of like a

Form of passive income for letting someone use your GPU Now remember the demand for GPU rendering is going to increase substantially now this article does help to explain the narrative but it says the render token and its Apple integration resulted in the 300 rallies and we all do know that 300 rallies haven’t even materialized into exactly what this token is and there’s still a lot more now, of course, you can see right here it talks about the Apple

Oto White Renderer

Integration now, of course, one of the more popular products Oto White which is essentially octane render this is the fastest renderer ever and I’m someone not because I used to use it for many different CGI products when I did work on projects related to that but essentially the reason this is so good is that octane render has actually transitioned to being placed on Apple devices such as the M1 and M2 pads and essentially what octane X does it allow

Users to access render tokens decentralized grid of GPU units which means that if every device is going to be having a program which can actually utilize the render token this is going to be a pretty insane integration that is going to be there in the future I have to understand also that there is also some other research which has been done for example if you take the CEO you can see that the CEO is actually hanging out with Elon Musk and they actually

Network quite a lot you can see right here that in the chat he actually says and states that Elon know about our Lord and Saviour’s render token and he says Elon introduced me to Carmack for which I shall be forever grateful he emailed me about render maybe four years ago and he says once we have rendered content working on the left panels I’ll ping him so you can see that this is someone who’s networking we with the top mines in the industry and this means

That in the future there’s definitely going to be no Shady stuff where the CEO just randomly disappears and rug pulls like those random other coins now let’s take a look at exactly what the price of the render token could be when we have the bull market back again so let’s take a mid bull market pick and I’m not going to pick the height of the bull market because there were some economical factors which resulted in a higher price such as money printing let’s take the

20th of December 2021, when the price was around you know fifty thousand dollars in fact the 26th of December, let’s go back in time and take a look at what the top 10 cryptos were so let’s look at the Historical prices Here you can see the Bitcoin is nearly at the trillion dollar market cap, of course, we’ve got ethereum sitting at nearly half a billion dollars and remember these are some of the coins and of course, we’ve got those coin is Shiba Inu here on insane gains now what

We need to look at okay let’s say it becomes a top 15 cryptocurrency okay what is the market cap going to be so let’s say for example it becomes in fact let’s just say top 10 okay that is a 30 billion dollar market cap now let’s compare that to where it is right now the market cap right here is 500 million okay and if it does become a top 10 cryptocurrency or top 15 the market cap will be somewhere around 30 billion dollars so what does that look like in

Term Of Calculation

you can charge EBT for my calculations you can see that the percentage change is going to be around 5950 now this is conservative based on the estimates that we do have it definitely could be much larger remember I tried to do this conservatively now remember starting with the price of 1.32 cents which renders token right now at 5950 increase from the 1.32 price would be approximately

79.86 so essentially from one dollar to eighty dollars which could be called an ATX or conservatively called a 60x now this is a conservative prediction based on the next bull market which is certainly going to happen and we do know what kind of narratives are going to be floating around now even if it doesn’t get a top 10 and it doesn’t completely go insane I think it will and based on the estimate alone I think a 10x is without a doubt so with that being said

I know everyone is different I’m not telling you to invest in this coin because of course you need to do your own research and you need to look at it many different factors that could range from your technical analysis to reading the white paper to doing tons of different research but me personally I’ve just decided that this is the one coin I’ve chosen for the next bull market and if things do change I’ll be sure to update you

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