Real-Life Family Story- Zack’s Travel Insurance Claim

Exploring new places and having adventures is part of the fun of travelling. But wherever you’re headed, being prepared for unexpected situations, like accidents or medical emergencies, is crucial. That’s why, before you travel, you’ll want to cover yourself and your family with a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Here’s a real-life example to illustrate why:

Recently, a Canadian family was camping in North Dakota, when the 4-year-old son, Zack*, had an allergic reaction that landed him in the hospital. Here’s how TuGo helped Zack get the emergency medical care he needed, and saved his family from being out-of-pocket $12,000.

Child suffers staph infection while camping in North Dakota

When Zack began showing signs of a mild allergic reaction, his family thought it would resolve on its own. But, over two days, the rash quickly spread from his face and shoulders to his chest. Alarmed, Zack’s parents took him to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a possible staph infection and prescribed antibiotics.

How travel insurance helped Zack get the medical help he needed and saved the family $12,000

But two days after Zack received his first round of medication, the rash spread to 90% of his body, and he was rushed back to the hospital by ambulance. An allergic reaction worsened this condition, so doctors treated him with IV antibiotics for two more days until it subsided.

Although Zack’s family was reluctant to resume their trip, Zack recovered quickly. And the entire group enjoyed one more day of camping together.

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Travelling with TuGo’s travel insurance coverage

Before the family flew to North Dakota, Rebecca, Zack’s mom, insisted that they purchase travel insurance in case anything unexpected happened during their trip. This decision prevented them from being $12,000 out-of-pocket.

So, wherever you’re headed, whether it’s to the next province or across the border, make sure you get the appropriate travel insurance coverage. Understand your coverage, learn what is or isn’t considered a medical emergency and how emergency medical travel insurance should cover you.

Whether you’re at home or travelling, emergencies can happen. So, add a comprehensive travel insurance plan to your pre-trip checklist.  That way, you can relax with a sense of security, knowing you and your family will be covered for unexpected medical emergencies, while you’re away.

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